Zealous Half-orc activist and ertswhile priest of Milani


Sez is short and muscular, with mottled brown and green skin, protruding fangs, and elaborate chest tattoos of intertwined roses. He often goes bare-chested to show off his tats.


Sez has lived in Korvosa since he escaped from a Chelaxian slaver ship at the age of eight. He grew up indoctrinated in the teachings of Milani, goddess of those who fight oppression and injustice, and now proselytizes on her behalf. He is a vocal advocate of Korvosan independence from Cheliax, which has got him into trouble more than once.

Sez can often be found by the West docks, trying to recruit aid from the dirty river druids, or in the shadow of various ward prisons, trying to sneak in tools for picking locks.


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