Sergeant Hamwhistle

Low-level officer in Korvosan Guard


Sergeant Hamwhistle just wants to do his job. His superiors keep giving him a hard time about his weight. Why does that matter? It’s no problem to beat up punks however big he is getting. The last thing he needs is some idiot cleric going places he’s not supposed to be going, healing people he’s not supposed to be healing. Everything has its place and he’s in the Korvosan Guard to make sure it stays there.

He’s run Bowie in a few times for casting spells without a license, inciting an unlawful assembly, and resisting arrest. After being humiliated in front of his men by the speedy youth, he may be riding the kid a little harder than most but he just doesn’t need this kind of aggravation.

Sergeant Hamwhistle

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