Pavitra Cavendish

Monk from the Monastery of the Unfolding Wind


Pavitra stands tall and blonde, dressed in the multicolored scarves and flowing garb common to the kingdoms of Vudra. Although this is everyday attire on the peninsula, the colors and textures stick out noticeably in Korvosa. She carries a kama and relies strongly on the secretive martial skills learned during her training, which often require careful mental and physical preparation. Pavi is a vegetarian and usually takes her meals at a little-known Korvosi temple where they serve “green ale”, a pounded mixture of farfar wort, sprouted clover, mayberry seed, and boca nut milk. Secretly she’d like to fill Bowie’s battle mug with the concoction in hopes that he can learn to be a little more health-conscious.


Pavitra was born Jane Cavendish, the daughter of a noble family. When she was 12 years old, Jane and her family took one of their many luxury vacations, this time to the island of Jalmeray off the peninsula of Vudra. During the trip, she became deeply enamored with the culture of the Impossible Kingdoms, particularly the high discipline and secretive martial arts of the monastic orders within the Houses of Perfection. It was then and there that Jane insisted on casting away her former life as a noble, took on the name Pavitra and begged to join the monastery, despite her family’s protestations. She remained there for the next eight years, serving and training in the ways of the Unfolding Wind.

Six years ago, she travelled to Korvosa and met Bowie. Her training in the Houses of Perfection had not prepared her for the likes of this cheerful and ale-loving lad, who showered her with attention, took her around town, and got her extremely drunk during a “tour” of Korvosa’s many taverns. One thing led to another and they had a one night stand. Afterwards Pavi fled in shame, and when she learned she was pregnant, vowed to adhere even more strictly to her monastery’s Rules of Perfection. Pavi named the child Leela and raised her according to the principles of Perfection. In spite of Pavi’s efforts at hard discipline, the girl had a child’s (and perhaps, her father’s) sense of curiosity about the world. One morning while Pavi was carefully completing the usual morning ceremony of the Twelve Directions of Wind, Leela caught sight of a tinker clattering down the street, dangling with all manner of pans, pots, and utensils. It looked like he was heading towards the market. As the cart ambled by, the sunlight caught on one of the big silver ale mugs, revealing the tiny white face of a kitten curled inside, sleeping. The kitten’s eyes opened and met Leela’s.

Tossing a quick glance to ensure that her mother was still mid-ritual, the little girl skipped blithely towards the stranger. “Wait! I want to buy something!”

By the time Pavi had finished blowing wind to the Twelfth Direction, Leela was nowhere to be found.

Pavitra Cavendish

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