Cheerful Half-orc barbarian, full of hateful rage for bullying humans


Mod is tall and heavily muscular. He has dark hair, green eyes, and green skin. He’s rather hairy. He also has distinctive tattoos of roses on his neck, which he displays with pride.



Mod was abandoned as a newborn at the steps of the Mainshore Foundling Home, the largest orphanage in Korvosa. Mod’s first few years were hard. Half-orc children grow fast, and before Mod could even talk, he was mercilessly bullied by the older human orphans. He learned early to show no fear and to get mad, matching blow for blow and hate with hate.

Then things went from bad to worse. The workers in Korvosa’s orphanages don’t always have their charges’ best interests at heart. Once the young Mod could reliably run and fetch and string a few words together, and just as he was learning to ingratiate himself with the human children instead of tearing them up, one of the supervisors at the orphanage traded him to Gaedren Lamm. The price was two doses of Shiver, and the exchange was made under the thin “justification” that then there would be fewer injuries amongst the rest of the kids. Mod became one of “Lamm’s Lambs”: child thieves terrified into serving Lamm, on pain of being whipped to death or fed to Lamm’s pet crocodile, Gobbleguts.

Mod was fast, and took naturally to clambering through the Shingles and keeping watch, and he finally made some friends with other urchins under Lamm’s “protection”. But Mod was also a terrible pickpocket, and Lamm would torture him when he made mistakes. Eventually, after a particularly spectacular bungled robbery, Lamm left Mod bleeding to death on a garbage heap. “Useless half-breed gutter-rat” were almost the last words Mod ever heard.

It was on that garbage heap that Mod’s luck turned. An itinerant priest of Milani named Sez found him, hid him away in the Narrows of Old Korvosa, and nursed him back to health. Sez taught Mod to speak Orc, and taught him about the ways of Milani, and gave him the distinctive sacred tattoos that mark Mod’s neck. Sez encouraged Mod to find his own place in Korvosa, and they stayed close over the years as Mod grew from youth to man.

Now Mod is eighteen and supports himself as a part-time bouncer at the Travelling Man in Old Korvosa. Recently his thoughts have turned to revenge. The supervisor at the orphanage had long since passed on. But Gaedren Lamm is rumored to be alive and well and just as vile and hateful as he ever was. Lamm was always a slippery one: so far he’s been nowhere to be found…


Curse of the Crimson Throne mod