Young daughter of Pavitra and Bowie


Leela is 5 years old, with braided strawberry blonde hair, Pavi’s blue eyes, and Bowie’s freckles. She is an inquisitive child who likes and trusts most people. Leela was last seen chasing after a tinker’s cart that was rolling towards the market, full of shiny pots and pans. Tucked into one of the silver ale mugs of the cart she’d glimpsed a tiny white kitten. On the morning of her disappearance, she was wearing a blue silk tunic with yellow silk leggings and sandals — not the clothes of a poor child, which Pavi worries might target her for ransoming.


Since she was born, Leela has been living with her mother on the edge of South Shore in small stone flat near the Green Market. Pavitra is a strict but loving mother, and has recently started homeschooling Leela according to the Principles of Perfection and begun some light physical training. To Pavi’s pride, Leela turned out to be a natural at doing handstands and backwards cartwheels, and has even learned a few words of Vudrani.

Leela is extremely curious about the world and loves crowds and people, in particular at the Green Market, which is full of so many interesting sights and smells. She also likes the ornate formality of the Tian Xia Tea House, where the tea masters wear shimmery cloth-of-gold jerkins and sometimes slip her coconut candy when Pavitra isn’t looking.

What the girl doesn’t do well is keep quiet, especially during the weekly Irori Glory Enlightenment Meditation sessions in Jade Circle, which must be conducted in complete silence. She heard once that Irori has a celestial white tiger as his pet, though, and hopes that the diety might let her have one too someday if she is good and tries not to mix up her lessons too much.


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