Beautiful human medium


Brian is a 20 year old human. He has almost elvish, other-worldly features, and is very good looking in a “beautiful” not “handsome” sort of way. He is neither very strong nor very agile.


Brian was adopted by the Zanderhelm Family, a wealthy Korvosan family after he was found abandoned in a forest as a baby. He has almost elvish, other-worldly features, and is very good looking in a “beautiful” not “handsome” sort of way. He is only just above average in terms of intellectual ability, but he nevertheless did very well at school because all of the teachers liked him. He was very much a favorite – and has experienced most of his life AS a favorite (i.e. teacher’s pet). He’s become very good at flying by just under the radar, and is a quick study without ever going into things very deeply. He knows just enough to pass.

Brian has been idly studying at the University of Korvosa, and often spends evenings with the younger Mierani elves of South Shore. One elf in particular, the bard Feanaro, has taken a shine to Brian and sometimes tries to entice him to go on long romantic rides in the countryside. But the last time that happened, Brian fell down in a fit (or at least – he thinks that’s what happened) and since then Brian hasn’t felt quite right in the head… Indeed, Brian now hears voices. They tell him things that he shouldn’t know. And he is able to do marvelous things that he couldn’t do before. And he’s increasingly unlucky. And when he gets angry, things around him start to break.

Recently Ygritte Zanderhelm, the Zanderhelm matriarch, fell ill, and Arthur Zanderhelm, the Zanderhelm patriarch, made clear that Brian would have to make something of himself in the world, rather than continuing to rely on family support. Brian is running out of money to pay for his (expensive) little garret near the University. And somehow Brian has got it into his head (or someone put it into his head…) that Gaedren Lamm is responsible for all of Brian’s recent woes. But so far Brian’s searches for Lamm have turned up nothing, whilst the pressure in his head just builds and builds and builds…


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