Ex-Korvosan navy fisherman, father of Bowie


A red-haired, red-sunburned balding man, Bren served in the Korvosan navy for fifteen years, long enough to achieve a small pension which supplements the income from his fishing and the family fishcake shop. He met and married Hattie while on leave and his oldest child, Bowie, was born while he was at sea. Perhaps this may have led to the boy’s life-long fascination with adventure as he grew up imagining his father as a hero swinging from ropes and battling pirates on the high seas. In truth, Bren would seldom fight, his skills far more useful in working the ropes and sails or putting out fires on deck.

He owns a small boat but can make more money buying a spot on one of the larger ships which go out to the deeper water. He’s somewhat disappointed that Bowie did not want to be a fisherman like him and generally is saddened by his daughter Fuchsia’s contempt and hopes she’ll grow out of it and also out of that blasted tiefling boyfriend of hers, Jagov.


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