Affable cleric of Cayden Cailean



Bowie is a fit six-feet tall, with a shock of bright red hair and laughing green eyes above his freckled complexion. He merrily walks about Korvosa most of the day and night, chatting with anyone who will pass the time. In addition to a rapier, he carries a strange sort of aspergillum shaped like a thick steel-lidded tankard on a long handle. This “battle mug” can be detached from the handle for a celebratory post-battle ale.


When Bowie was a boy he was enthralled by the tales of the adventurer Cayden Cailean who went on to become a god. Every spare moment was spent reading about his exploits. When he found a traveling cleric visiting the Pantheon of the Many, he begged him to teach him the path of divine worship.

His training was spotty, at best, and the cleric moved on. Bowie has been “going with his gut” for the most part and perhaps because of that has not been particularly accepted among the religious of Korvosa.

Bowie is from Korvosa and has never been far outside the city limits. His family lives in a townhouse in High Bridge, a working-class neighborhood. His father, Bren, was a sailor who traveled in the Navy for a long while but now fishes, either working a large boat out at sea for several days or in his own smaller craft. His mother, Hattie, runs a fish cake stall in front of the house, along with his younger sister Fuchsia who is involved with a tiefling boy named Jagov.

Bowie rents a flat above Three Rings Tavern in North Point which he frequents regularly, along with every other tavern and wine shop in Korvosa on his daily “blessings crawl.” He also makes it a point to visit the very poor neighborhoods of Korvosa, when he can avoid the Guard, to give free healing.

He has recently found out that one of his one-night stands of six years ago, with a Vudran monk named Pavitra Cavendish had resulted in him being the father of a girl named Leela whom he has never met.


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