Curse of the Crimson Throne

18th Calistril 1408 (continued, more, etc, whew!)

We Don't Need No Water!

Hi there! Deputy Bowie making his official report for the Korvosan Guard. Ha ha ha! Wooo!

Flames leap against the temple door. Mod knows there is a way to to get water up from the sewer nearby but he needs a crank to remove the cover. He leaves to get a crank by the Traveling Man Inn. A suspicious-looking guy tries to push past Po Gorb, yelling, “Stay back!”

I tell Pavi I’m going to get help from the druids and maybe she could pull people out of the fire and I could heal them when I get back. I dash off to the docks. Pavitra tries to get some people to move out of the way but only the fellow who liked my story listens. He calls out, “What do we do now, Captain?” to me.

Brian recalls a song about a city on fire where the people cooperated by passing buckets in a line and he sings it at a very high and strange rate of speed. The cleric of Aroden runs back and forth crying for help.

Po suddenly started feeling an invigoration over him so he begins rummaging quickly through a pile of garbage.

As people try to move from the fire, the imp returns and starts dancing and chittering happily inside the bonfire. A couple of the sketchy people cry out that there are people inside the temple and they are going to help them and everyone else should go get water.

Pavitra moves closer to the fire and throws a shuriken at the imp but it goes into the fire. Brian’s call for help has gotten a handful of people looking for buckets. As he gets excited, a couple of lights appear around him shining on him as he encourages them.

The guy with the trumpet runs away. A drunk lady staggers over to Pavitra and says that her silks are really exotic and Pavitra is really exotic. One of the sketchy guys starts banging on the window of the temple of Aroden with a hammer while the other one encourages him and tells other people to get water.

Po finds a couple of buckets. Another guy by another window to the temple starts trying to smash it with another big hammer. The imp laughs at Pavitra and throws some dung at her. It misses her and hits the old priest in the face.

I reach the big stone bridge. I see that the druids are being hassled by some Hellknights, looking authoritatively at them. I screech to a halt to listen to what is going on as I attempt to enhance my diplomacy with the power of Cayden Cailean. The Hellknights are a different sect than I’m used to seeing, wearing half-plate rather than full. One is telling the druids that they are loitering and they have no real reason for being there.

“Sir,” says Pavitra to one of the window smashers, “What you’re doing seems unwise.” She smacks him one in the gut. Another suspicious guy says, “We’re trying to help!” and attempts but fails to grapple her. Brian calls over impatiently, “This is not the time. We need to put out the fire.” He sees a woman with a bucket and asks her to use it. She agrees, somewhat, and begins to take her apples out one at a time, slowly, so as not to bruise them.

Po asks the priest if anyone else is in the temple. He says yes, there are a couple more priests sleeping. He has some keys. Po asks for them and then runs to the front door through the fire. His hair and clothes catch on fire.

“What you do that for?” coughs the hammer man to Pavi. She asks why he’s trying to burn down the temple. He answers that he’s trying to save people. She asks him to help Po instead and he replies that Po is crazy. The other window is successfully smashed open by the other hammer man.

The imp speaks to Po and says maybe there are more buckets in this junk, referring to the pile in the bonfire that he is sitting in. Po resists its Suggestion spell and tells it in Infernal, “Do you think I’m an idiot?” which quiets the imp.

I say, “Wise druids! Thank you so much for standing by. You were right. There is a massive fire right now. Many people and cats are in danger. Come quickly, please. Your unique abilities are needed by your fellow Korvosans!”

One druid replies to the Hellknights, “Not loitering. We’re needed.” They start past the Hellknights. One Hellknight turns to me and asks, suspiciously, “Citizen, there’s a fire?” I say, “Yes, by the Temple of Aroden. Come and help!”

Pavitra questions the men as to what their plan is to rescue people but they don’t have very good answers. She thinks breaking the windows might actually cause the temple to catch on fire since the door is ironbound and the walls are stone but she can’t get a good read on the men’s intentions.

Brian glares at the woman who is going slowly with the bucket. He says, “If you don’t hurry and give me that bucket, I’m going to throw this cat at you.” The lights around him burn with an intimidating intensity. She says, “Alright, alright,” and empties the bucket swiftly. He casts about for some water.

Po gets the door open and staggers into the temple, still burning. His natural ferocity keeps him conscious. More sketchy guys climb in the window. Mod returns with the crank and begins to open up the sewer.

A sketchy guy runs past Po who asks who he is and to help, but the guy ignores him and goes to some cabinets. Pavitra does a flying kick through the unbroken window.

Brian sees me coming and gets a bit crestfallen at seeing the crusty druids. Po puts himself out by rolling on the ground. Through the smoke, he and Pavitra see the sketchy guys moving into the temple and rifling through things.

Mod struggles to open the sewer. The imp throws poo at Po but it lands on the carpet. “Hey, you’re not saving people!” yells Po, to one of the looters. I get there and ask Brian what’s going on. I see Pavitra through the fire and call out to her. She calls back that she’s trying to help Po.

I run over to the window and a guy with a mattock tells me to leave and blocks me from entering. Pavitra cartwheels over the flaming poo to follow one of the looters, asking where he’s going. One looter whispers to another, “Boss, there are other people here. What do we do?” Po interrupts and they glare at him. Then he sees me and asks for help and comes to the window.

Another looter sneaks past Mod as he struggles to turn the crank, then forces through the grime and the rust and opens the valve and a rank, disgusting odor emanates out. The imp launches itself and flies above Mod to look at the open hole. Mod takes a swing at it and thwacks it with the crank, knocking it off to one side, screeching.

I heal Po and then I climb into the temple window. Pavitra goes down the stairs, shoving ahead of the looter to see where he was going, calling for survivors. Brian arrives and also climbs through the window, increasing his light through the smoke.

Some bucket-haulers head into the sewer to get water. The druids arrive as well. The fire starts to spread into the temple and Po uses what’s left of the poor rug to put it out. One of the druids begins to summon something. Maybe a monkey! Mod begins to fight with the imp.

One of the looters tells the four of us that they’ve got it under control but I can tell that he’s lying. I tell him that he and his friends better get out of here. Leave their sacks or they’ll get beaten up and probably arrested. We’re deputized by the Korvosan Guard. I ask Mod to guard the other window. I draw my rapier and take a sip from my battlemug and look tough.

Pavitra wakes up an old man downstairs and tells him about the fire. Brian walks forward and tries to convince them to leave. Po pulls out his dagger. Looks like it’s a Korvosan standoff.

“Get ’em boys,” cries their leader and then stabs Brian who cries in pain and surprise. Another one takes a swing at Brian and cuts him so that he is staggered and barely conscious. Mod leaps in through the door. The imp flies off.

I step forward to defend Brian and heal him a little bit. Downstairs, Pavitra hears from the old priest that a “Reginald” must be found. She shakes a very large fat man to try to wake him. The one druid had summoned a water elemental which begins to quench the fire while the druids create gouts of water.

A guy with a heavy mattock swats Brian and knocks him unconscious. Before he falls a menacing voice says, “He’s not dying just yet!” from Brian. Po steps up with his dagger against a foe and gets stabbed himself. A mattock misses me and so does a dagger.

Mod slashes the leader badly who slashes at Mod in turn. I then run him through with my rapier killing him but miss his friend with my battlemug. Pavitra continues to try to wake up the fat, snoring, drunk cleric. Then she goes and catches the older priest and tells him not to leave but to wake up the fat one.

Po throws a bomb and burns a guy up and also badly damages another one, who tries to escape but Mod cuts him down. The druids continue to put out the flames outside.

“Don’t stand over my mate like that,” cries Mod and steps up to strike a guy standing over Brian’s unconscious form but misses. I miss him twice as well.

Pavitra and the other priest try to hustle the fat one up the stairs. Then she climbs up and sees the battle. The druids finish up the fire. Po continues to battle with the mattock-wielder. The other last standing one tries to escape but Po and I slash him down as he runs between us.

A druid wanders in and frowns at the carnage. I say, “You guys are awesome!” Then I explain that these guys started the fire and are looting the temple. He points out that there’s one left and notes that we’re seemingly handling it. Mod cuts him down.

I use the last of my channeling to heal Brian and one of the looters back to consciousness. No luck for the rest of them. Well, they had a chance to do the right thing.



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