Curse of the Crimson Throne

18th Calistril 1408 (continued)

A New Dawn

Whew! What a day. Some good things happened and some bad things happened. My name’s Bowie, by the way, and if every day turns out to be this exciting, I’m going to be a happy cleric.

We split up some items we found and decide what to do. I say that I’d like to take Leela to the temple of the goddess Pharasma in the Gray District rather than the Bank of Abadar, because those guys are pretty much tools. But those are the only clerics powerful enough, probably. I should study more. Then I might know. Someday maybe I can do it! Maybe tomorrow. Things are happening so fast.

Mod, Po, and Brian go sleep in the common room. Brian is not able to haggle the price down. Pavitra, Leela, and I go up to my room. Pavitra wants me to sleep on the floor. I do, but I put my hand up to be next to Leela so she won’t get scared if she happens to wake up.

Faraday morning. Zelara appears as we sit and eat breakfast. We thought she would go on to her afterlife now that Lamm is dead. She does not know why she is still here. She is tied to the cards, she thinks. Brian offers to do a reading for her. He suggests bringing her to the Gray District. She thinks that may help. Mod asks her who “A” is.

Zelara feels a disturbance in the city and feels a connection to us. She says we could touch the deck of cards. With a fresh set of spells from Cayden Cailean, I heal Pavitra all better.

The streets are a mess but people are sticking together. I ask if anyone needs help. Osore the beggar accosts me. I give him a gold. It’s half of all I have. As we’re about to turn off Lancet street we hear Kester. He is calling “Chimney Sweeps!” He and some other kids are calling a cart.

Pavitra and I argue about whether to let Leela walk herself or we should carry her. Kester tells the others that he also runs a “disposal service” and wants a gold piece.

I ask him if he recognizes the smell of the letter, the one from “A” about buying Leela. He says it smells like someone he remembers who came to visit. He saw a cloak and long hair. He feels really puzzled by this. He thinks it was a man, a creep. Lots of hair.

Kester says that there’s problems all over the place and he heard Black Jack was out and about. Wow! I thought Black Jack was only a legend.

The Gold Market is pretty packed with people fighting for food and arguing. There are stalls and shops in Eodred’s walk.

Then we head over to my family’s house. Mom says they are all all right. Fuschia was upset at me for not being there. I explain that I couldn’t do it. They are really happy to meet Leela and upset when they hear about how she was treated. Mom tells Mod to look out for me and keep me out of trouble. My dad offers everything he’s saved up — 35gp, to help Leela. Aw, dad!

We get to the Temple of Pharasma which overlooks the Gray District with the cemetery. There are guards there so we have to explain why we’re there. They say they are looking for grave robbers.

The main temple is like a fortress. The priestess who answers the door ushers us in when we ask for help for Leela. She says she does not recognize the poison. She says the healing is beyond her and we need 1000gp and Bishop Debair is away right now. She says Leela’s wisdom and intelligence are severely depleted and the Bishop will need to cast the healing spell twice. A thousand gold pieces! Where will we ever get that kind of money?

Pavitra says she has a lot of money hidden away and she can cover the cost. Oh, that’s easy. We make an appointment and they take our contact information down for now so the Bishop can contact us.

Pavitra takes us to her flat. She takes Leela up to her room and we meet Esther Chang, her landlady, who is very interested in Brian. Esther makes us some tea.

Pavitra thinks she’ll leave Leela with Esther. I think we should leave her with my parents. But she wins and we leave her there.

We go back to temple to ask about Zelara. I ask if the guards need help with tomb robbers. He says we should speak with Captain Croft in the citadel.

There are a lot of people in need here. I offer to help and get permission from the priestess of Pharasma to help them. I don’t charge them anything for my healing. The priestess says she won’t tell.

We tell the priestess the story about everything we saw last night. The priestess is very upset when she hears that Gaedren Lamm was killed by Mod. She says that is murder. Mod argues with her. I get a little worried he will jeopardize our chance at healing Leela.

Brian begins to have strange reactions as he tries to call forth Zelara and the priestess rushes us out. Guys!

We head to the Gold Market and it is still really crowded around the food stalls. There are places called Gemshare Jewelers, Hedge Wizardry, Pinking Shears, Slicing Dicers, and Trapper’s Hole. Then we hear a commotion nearby. There is a wagon trying to get through. Sergeant Hamwhistle is trying to commandeer food for the citadel. A mob is not letting him through.

“Seems like the army gets to eat but we Korvosans don’t get to eat,” goes the muttering.

I plan to run up and try to calm people down. Does it work? Come back for the next chapter!



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