Curse of the Crimson Throne

18th Calistril 1408

When All Hell Breaks Loose

Your old pal Bowie here. I’m not as chipper as usual because my daughter who I never even met and my daughter’s mom who I don’t really know that well are both in serious states of unhealth. Let’s find out what happens next! OK, I guess I’m a little bit chipper because I know Cayden Cailean will see us through this and we’ll all be fine.

Pavitra wakes up with my assistance but she is in bad shape. We discuss what to do with Lamm. He overhears us. He threatens Kester and tells him to go get help. Kester seemed intimidated and might possibly obey his former cruel master but Brian and I calm him down.

I ask Lamm why we should let him go. He says that it would be a shame for Leela to be like this forever and he can take us to an antidote and then let him go, no harm done? Mod and Kester say not to trust him, but I want to make sure Leela is all right, no matter the cost.

Pavitra starts to smell a faint whiff of smoke and Brian can hear a bell ringing. Pavitra asks Kester if he knows anything about Leela. Kester said he went down the rope with her but kids don’t come back from going down the rope.

Kester points to a faint glow to the Highbridge area. A fire! I get very anxious about my family because they live there. We argue about what to do. I try to convince Pavitra to go to the Temple of Abadar so she can be healed and we can leave Leela there. Kester says he will go investigate the fire. The others will take Gaedren Lamm in a skiff to avoid guards and try to get to Zelara’s house.

Pavitra suggests that Kester go check out the fire and then report back. Then I climb up the rope and put Leela somewhere safe. I go back down and Pavitra ties herself to me and I climb up with her. “This is nice,” I suggest to her.

The others get in a boat and hear the bells getting louder and a deep detonation coming from up the hill towards the Academy. We see Hookshanks is gone. Outside we hear the loud explosions.

I suggest leaving Leela somewhere and Pavitra says “No! We lost her once. We aren’t going to leave her somewhere else.” I guess she’s right.

A fat fellow comes running up carrying sacks and a small chest. He tries to hide them. I don’t recognize him. He says he’ll pay us 20gp to take him to East Shore. I tell him we can’t right now as Pavitra is hurt. Then he runs past us, south.

Things get very quiet. We hear smashing and see smoke and screaming coming from the North. A wing of griffin riders goes flying over towards the castle. One of them crashes to the ground. I decide we’re going to the Three Rings Tavern. It’s too crazy out here. What is going on? We see looters and thugs wrecking a shop.

We hear a herald yelling “The King is dead! Long live the Queen!” Oh. That’s what’s going on. We go to a side door of the Three Rings Tavern. I ask Tauk Par to let us in.

There is hardly anyone in there. There are riots going on, they say. I convince Theandra to get some healing for Pavitra (I’ll pay her back!) who keeps asking for green juice.

The others get threatened by a bunch of imps. Mod frightens them away. They get to the house and find it long deserted. Then they feel a faint presence from the deck of Harrow cards. Then Zelara appears in her home as they take the cards out.

“You have him! You have him! You must kill him! Bring him to justice!” says Zelara.

“Ok.” says Mod. “Wait!” says Po.

“I am sorry to deceive you,” answers Zelara to Brian who wondered how she is there.

Mod asks Zelara if she can tell us where the antidote is. Zelara says to touch the poison to the cards. “I am sensing it is a terrible poison. It will steal your voice. It will steal your wits. There is no antidote to this poison. He lies. You must seek divine help.”

Lamm spits at the image and she disappears. “You lying bastard!” yells Mod while Po says “Where is my mistress, the ”/characters/the-lady-in-yellow" class=“wiki-content-link”>Lady in Yellow?" Mod punches Lamm and he is knocked out cold before he can answer.

They think about going to find us. “Are we going to finish him off?” asks Brian. Mod and Po decide to kill Lamm. Mod drags Lamm to a trash heap. There are a pair of Hellknights chasing a small crowd.

“In the name of Milani we strike down all slavers!” yells Mod and splits Lamm’s skull open. Mod then feels deflated and stares into the distance.

They decide they won’t wait there for us or for Kester.

Theandra gives Pavitra a potion. It isn’t enough. I heal her and another hurt guy who is in the Tavern but it still isn’t enough and I’m out of healing power until I rest. It seems like a bad idea for her to go back out there. So, Pavi says she will stay here with Leela and maybe clean my room and meditate. I suddenly realize why I haven’t been able to think straight and order three ales after blessing the cask to bring the healing power of alcohol to Korvosa.

I dash out and run over to where the griffin crashed. There is a guy there tugging at the boots of the dead rider. “Hey!” I call. “Get lost, this is mine.” “OK, I just need a potion. My friend is hurt!” “You’re going to be hurt!” “No… I mean she’s really hurt, can I just see if that griffin rider has a potion?” He throws me one and I rush it back. It heals Pavitra! Cayden Cailean be praised!

Then we argue about if it is safe to take Leela out in the street. She does not want to let her out of her sight. I understand and go running looking for the others. Luckily, we cross paths. They tell me what has happened and I tell them what has happened.

Some Hellknights come by and one tells us to return to our homes. I say, “Yes we can, sir.. or ma’am.”

We talk about the Queen a little bit and decide maybe we should all go to the Three Rings Tavern.

We hear rumors from the townsfolk that the seneschal poisoned the king and has disappeared. Others argue that the Queen had more to gain. I ask Pavitra to join us downstairs.

We hear that the riot began at the castle and it involved the Guard. We talk about how to help Leela. Po thinks that some restoration spells might save her.



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