Curse of the Crimson Throne

18th Calistril 1408 (continued, more)

Where Have All the Flours Gone?

It’s Bowie with another tale of excitement. Today’s episode is about shopping and angry people and learning all about supply and demand. Apparently, De Man wants all the Supplies. Boom! I’ll be here all week. Well, I hope so. Will I? Probably!

I walk up to some beggars, approaching, and try to call out to people saying, “Please, let’s all calm down!” Some near me say, “Fair enough.” Pavitra joins me. Mod runs over and leaps a table of knives to get right near the horses.

Sergeant Hamwhistle draws his sword and “asks” people to get out of the way. Some louts start making a mess of a pile of rugs. Rug louts! A merchant tries to pack up his knives. The instigators blame the Guard for closing the bridge, keeping them from getting food. A lout who has heard the wisdom from ale comes and tries to join me in calming the crowd.

One guy tries to take a sack. Sergeant Hamwhistle angrily sees me (I haven’t even done anything, Sergeant!) and then whips the horses into rearing. The horses become panicked and knock back an instigator who had tried to frighten them with a burning torch. Po and Brian keep their distance.

A guard tries to grab the reins of the horses. Another lout tries to panic the horses more. I call upon Cayden Cailean for speed and then I go rushing over to pull the rugs out of the way of the horses. Pavitra tries to help pack up the knives and the guy sticks one at her and says, “Hands off please, madam.”

Mod tries to calm the man waving fire at the horses. “There now, fellow. There now,” and tries to grab at him.

Another guy tries to cut the horse’s reins. Brian comes by and gives the dagger merchant a stern look and then begins waving his crossbow around.

“They closed the bridges and they’re not going to open them again. This is your last chance!” yells an agitator.

Another drunk joins the angry mob as an older man tries to slip away. The injured young man cuts at the horse who screams. Sergeant Hamwhistle yells at me to get away from the carpets. He climbs down and says, “Make way for the City Watch. Get away from those horses!” His portly appearance does him no favors.

Po changes his appearance to look like Gaedran Lamm. He comes walking around the tent. A guard says, “We have to go!”

The butcher of horses tries to escape Mod but cannot. I draw my battlemug and go running to attack Lamm. How is he still alive?! As I approach, he says, “I’m Po!” and I see that indeed there is a glamour about him. I lose my temper a bit and say, “What in Cayden Cailean’s name are you doing? There are people who might get hurt here!” Sorry, Po. It was the heat of the moment.

Po says, “Just tell them to leave and leave the food.” Another lout tries to help Mod restrain the butcher guy. Pavitra rushes over toward the cart. Mod pins the fellow he is grappling.

The man cutting the reins finishes and cuts the horse loose and it goes running off. Then Brian says, “Now stop it!” and fires his crossbow, wildly at the one who freed the horse. A man says, “Watch it. You almost hit him!”

“What we got here is failure to communicate!” yells Sergeant Hamwhistle, using the flat of his sword on the one who cut the traces. “It’s on, boys! It’s on!” yells his mate who stabs at the Sergeant Uh oh.

“Sergeant. Leave the flour. It’s not worth your life,” says Po/Lamm. The Sergeant listens to him and tells his men to run away back to the Citadel.

I go running over to try to grab the horse and calm it down but fail terribly. I don’t really ride. Pavitra tries to snatch a guy’s spear as he tries to corner the fleeing guard. Pavitra then intimidates the guy.

“You guys take over,” says Mod to the drunks assisting him, letting the butcher go, and, thankfully, realizes that Po is Lamm before he rips him in half. Then he walks over and tries to scare off the ones attacking Hamwhistle. “Back off, fellas! We don’t want any bloodshed.”

“We don’t want no trouble, brother,” says one of them.

The horse tries to run away but I grab at his reins as it pulls me with it. Brian reloads his crossbow and then he shoots one of the men running away. He’s very proud of himself.

The drunks hold onto the guy with the cleaver and beat him up a little. The escaping guard gets hurt by a mob guy. Hamwhistle begins to run away too.

“Rabble! Let them go!” yells Po/Lamm to the rioters attacking the guard. “Let the Pignipple go!” Heheh, good one, Po.

I call upon Cayden Cailean to heal the horse and I try to calm it down as it hauls at the rein.

Pavitra tries to stop people from robbing the cart. I ask Mod to help me with the horse. Brian asks Mod to go get his crossbow bolt from out of the guy. Maybe it was his lucky one. Mod is undecided how to act.

The horse rears and pulls but I hold on. Brian yells at the men beating up the butcher who ignored Mod, “Look. I’ve just shot somebody. Now go and find my bolts.”

I can calm the horse down and lead it back over to the cart. I ask Mod to get the people to stop robbing the cart. Mod says, “They need to eat.”

Pavitra slashes a bag of flour and says, “Stop messing with the food! Go home!” The two looters run off and the butcher retreats. People start to come and take more food.

The flour merchant explains that Cressida Croft, captain of the city watch, wrote a requisition for the flour. I suggest that the people who had bought flour, should get flour, and the rest needs to go to the Citadel. The people seem ok with this and those that had bought some claim it and scoot off. We plan to then take the wagon with the remaining food to the Citadel.



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