Curse of the Crimson Throne

17th Calistril 1408 (continued again)

My Unconscious Little Family

It’s your old pal Bowie again, with a stirring continuation of our grand adventures.

I tell Po I think Leela has been drugged. He comes over to check on her. I tell Pavitra we need to unchain Leela and that Lamm probably has a key. I ask Mod if he can find a key on Lamm. He punches his unconscious form saying, “Not fair after all this time to die so easily.”

Mod notices a jade statue in addition to the ring of keys.

We see Brian’s ears turn pointy and he grows slight fangs. He yells “Die Die Die” and swings at Gobbleguts the alligator or crocodile with a mace. It snaps back at him but misses.

Po mixes up a cocktail, I think. Maybe not. Pavitra tries to run to get the keys and is bitten badly by Gobbleguts. He pulls her down into the water. Oh no! Then Mod throws me the keys and jumps down after Gobbleguts.

Brian, a bit traumatized, comes out of his trance and an invisible hand assists trying to pull Pavitra up. I call to her to go limp and leave the key safely by Leela and drop into the water to help her mom, failing to reach Gobbleguts with Cayden Cailean’s Touch of Chaos. Gobbleguts bites her again and she falls unconscious, bleeding out.

Po tries to free Leela. Brian dashes over to Lamm, distracting Gobbleguts. I manage to pull Pavitra free and take her to the beach, noticing that she is going to bleed out soon.

Po drops a bomb on Gobbleguts. Brian looks at a jade statue of a half-dressed young woman in a clam shell. I call upon Cayden Cailean to do some healing to stabilize Pavitra. Seeing that she is safe, I dash along the beach and leap up to the railing and get back over to Leela.

Gobbleguts strains to bite at Mod. Po throws another bomb. Gobbleguts sinks into the water a bit. Then Mod stabs Gobbleguts in the head and blood pools around. Brian runs out of the room and throws the jade statue out into the shark water. Then he starts yelling, “What? No! No! No!” He’s very interesting! I free Leela.

Brian says, “I’m never going to stop being like this! It will never end!”

I point out that Lamm is still alive. I suggest tying him up or manacling him. Po thinks he might know how to help Leela. Mod lifts Pavitra out and goes to cut open Gobbleguts.

Po searches in some worthless junk and finds… worthless junk.

In Lamm’s gross bug-filled bedroom there are a lot of cockroaches. There is also a scary looking hat box. I ask Po to let me go in first, worried that it contains the head of his friend, due to the cloud of flies. But instead it is the head of Zelara!!! The woman who gave our fortunes must have been a scary ghost. It’s sad but it’s also pretty cool.

Po opens the foot locker and finds a lot of objects wrapped up.

Brian asks to claim the Harrow deck and I think he isn’t being shady or will throw them in the water. We read a sketchy note that Leela was going to be given to someone named “A” to abuse.

I am not very focused on the rest of the treasure as I’m worried about Leela and Pavi. Kester climbs down and says Hookshanks left. He’s interested in the treasure too. I think I might use Kester to help me interrogate Lamm to find out who “A” in the letter about Leela is and how to help her.



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